Sunday, October 12, 2008

Design Sprout post

Veronica over at Design Sprout did a post on Sublet, and we just wanted to re-post, because it's so cute! See it below.

Also, Design Sprout was named as one of the top Environmentalist blogs (congrats!) by X-Ray Visionaires. Check out the entire list on her site here.

From Design Sprout:

"So you wanna be good. You want to dress sustainably in organic cotton with bamboo thread manufactured only by fair-trade companies but paying $95 for a t-shirt seems a bit c.r.a.z.y. to you. I understand. That's why I'm so thrilled for the change of seasons when things previously waaaaay out of my price range suddenly become affordable.
Sublet, a green clothing line, whose designs I DROOL over is having a humdinger of a sale with some options under $100 and Greenloop, the mac daddy of sustainable fashion, has loads of items for men and women up to 60% off. Now is where is where I say something cliché like "Go green without spending a lot of green" but what could be more fitting?"

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